Thursday, May 6, 2010

People Who Influence Me: Sade Powers & Ellen Wanjiru

We are always surrounded by greatness if we choose to recognize it and appreciate our connections. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I may not know exactly what the reason is sometimes, yet, I am sure that I am suppose to learn something from each situation, good or bad, that I encounter.

Like most of us on facebook we are connected through our friends, family, business associates, co-workers and other networks. I am constantly inspired and influenced by people who are connected to me on facebook. Sometimes I take out the time to know people better virtually with the hopes that one day we will meet in a more professional networking environment. Here are a couple of people who influence and inspire me through their work online. I hope you, too, will choose to connect with these wonderful people and share them with your connections. You never know who or when, somebody may relate to them and/or need their services.

First, I'd like to share Sade Powers. She is known as a business and life mentor, internet marketing expert and business coach. Her facebook updates share inspirational qoutes that are thought provoking and constant reminders from famous accomplished individuals on how to become more successful on life's wealth journey. One of Sade's links was a video of Micheal Jordan, a legendary NBA Sports Figure. ">The video is here for you to watch,

It reminded me of how many failures we must go through to get to our ultimate prize. On life's wealth journey we will encounter failure. Fortunately, failure is not a noun it is a verb, so failure is something we can learn from when it happens in our own lives. We do not have to be labeled as a failure. We can choose to take the lessons from our mistakes and keep moving forward until we win.

Thanks Sade for reminding us to continue with determination and we will be successful. You can find out more about Sade Powers here. OR OR look her up on
Thanks Sade Powers for being another powerful woman connection.

Speaking of powerful women, Id like to share one woman who has connected with me on life's wealth journey. I believe that our journey in life is most important because one day we will no longer be here in the flesh, what will our legacy be. Who we touch, and those who touch us even in the smallest way allow us to expand our inner beings if we allow it to happen. It is artistic, a magical experience.

Ellen Wanjiru a freelance writer, poet, blogger, art, music & film lover. She loves writing and creating pieces that are meaningful and thought provoking. I connected with her using facebook. Ellen wrote in her blog a poem that resonated with my soul being and existence. Ellen wrote,

All I Want... to open my mind and write
Invite an audience into my thoughts,
create scenes
and put on infinite shows
with the play of my words;
make an honest living doing what I love
so that I may leave behind
the written proof of my existence

Ellen's poetic words are short, sweet, and heart warming. Since I too am a poet and love writing poetry the words and presence of Ellen Wanjiru inspired me to keep doing what Im doing, so that I too, will leave behind an powerful existence for my children and all others who God puts before me. To find out more about Ellen Wanjiru go to her site or find her on facebook.

There are many times when we are searching for answers to a solution in our lives. Let us look to God and listen to our inner voice inside that says, " Go ahead and do it, make a change from within and be an example that HE (GOD) would be proud of!"

Many Blessings to the world. I hope you choose to allow your connections to influence you and are inspired to share them with the world.

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