Friday, February 18, 2011

Magiccashlady Speaks about 5 Tips to Becoming an Expert!

Listen Now to this awesome information! Chills are going to go down your spine when you hear what 5 tips I share about becoming an expert!

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Presented by Atarah The Magiccashlady, Life Success Coach/Transformational Speaker/ MSI Entrepreneur
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Rob McKelvie, "How to Become an Expert"


  1. This is good news! I like the positive energy you are giving out to your listener. I am opening my thoughts to more money and fewer problems.

  2. 10,000 hour rule seems long but very manageable. Thanks to your tips. I will keep in mind that time is gold, so we need to be time conscious all the time.

  3. I want to turn my life around too. I have been having financial problems for the longest time. I struggle with my time and budget. I really need a lot of help.

  4. “You are perfect even in your imperfection.” I like this quote. I have to internalize it everyday just to motivate me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  5. We should be aware of time. Time runs so fast. Once it’s gone then we can’t take it back anymore. Thank you for your wonderful message. A lot of people need this.